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Ursula is a new quarterly art magazine from Hauser & Wirth featuring essays, profiles, interviews, original portfolios, and photography by some of the most thought-provoking writers and artists in the world. Ursula takes its name from the internationally admired co-founder of the gallery: patron, collector, mentor, and art world mater familias Ursula Hauser.
Elsie is a sumptuous, full colour treat-orama of all things photographic, typographic and designographic (is that a word?). There are just 1,000 copies of each issue of Elsie and each issue features  bespoke elements that make your copy just a bit more personal to you!

What’s more, one in every twenty-five copies will have nestled within its pages a special envelope containing a unique, signed art print! And that’s not all, every copy will also contain a few surprise treats – which, all-in-all, makes each Elsie Magazine pretty much a one-off!

There’s no advertising in Elsie Magazine, which means there’s no external influence on what goes inside. And what goes inside is a visual cornucopia of stuff that inspires, intrigues and excites me…I hope it does the same for you.

So, get stuck in, order your copies now and if you like Elsie, please spread the word!
LE MILE Magazine offers a window into the vast realism of cultural investigation across Fashion, global Arts, Architecture, Travel, and Design.
LE MILE is a bubbling cauldron of creativity and artistic endeavour. Celebrating the individuality, vision and commitment that goes into creating works of art for a new generation through the medium of photographic editorials, contemporary art & poetic writings.
WOTH Wonderful Things Magazine is an international print magazine appearing 4 x a year in separate Dutch and an English editions.

However wonderful, life is not all about things. It’s thinking that ignites creativity and innovation. Each issue WOTH talks to 5 of the sharpest minds around: young, old, chefs, architects, entrepreneurs. Remarkable people like Marcel Wanders, Rosanna Orlandi, Nika Zupanc, Rolf Hay, Jeannette Altherr, Piet Oudolf or Matteo Cibic.

WOTH offers readers an inside look into the homes and studios of the makers; the Eindhoven home of Mieke Meijer, the London studio of Bethan Laura Wood. Our portfolio shows a cross section of the oeuvre of a designer like Natalie du Pasquier. WOTHSON higlights the best events, shows, exhibitions around the world. WOTH was founded by Mary Hessing and Toon Lauwen.
NOBLEMAN is a premier American men’s ultra-luxury magazine uniquely crafted for the modern gentleman. Distributed nationally, but with a decidedly Southern California flair, it focuses on the people, places, and events that define the creative style on the West Coast and beyond. NOBLEMAN is the professional authority in getting the most out of life.

Founded in 2016 by leading publishing entrepreneurs, Doug & Lydia McLaughlin, and headquartered in Newport Beach, California, NOBLEMAN is the arbiter of taste in design, fashion, arts, travel and hospitality, fine dining, real estate, automotive, and technology.

With an unparalleled commitment to design, photographic and editorial excellence, NOBLEMAN is more coffee table book than magazine and defines what luxury is all about.

NOBLEMAN magazine and its digital platform are for the discerning and sophisticated man. Our content presents compelling local, national, and international stories, features, and interviews, including:

– The best of men’s style
– Luxury automotive, yacht, private jet trends and reviews
– Luxury watch and accessories
– Compelling interviews with trendsetters and industry leaders
– Reports of the newest gadgets and tech toys
– Luxury real estate and home design
– Elite travel
– Local arts, entertainment, and nightlife
– The latest in health & fitness
– The art of generosity
Icarus Complex is a biannual magazine. What are the challenges and what are the potential weapons of action from an economic, political, legal and grassroots perspective? We take an in-depth look at the issues surrounding climate change. The aim of the magazine is to dissect humanity’s Icarus complex, this idea that we have jumped off a cliff, mid-flight and confident in our own momentum, but in denial about the impending crash if we do not change course.