Sleek - 17 Winter 2007

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The secret behind sleek? It’s child’s play. That is, if you define childhood by dramatic mood swings, temper tantrums, fleeting moments of pure joy, a short but intense attention span and the thrill of discovery. In short, it’s always been a not-so-very-grownup game. This time the game is called Hide | Seek. The act of searching for meaning, for information, for love and rewards is – pardon the pretension – life itself. So, as the creative world becomes ever more democratic and the search for quality and meaning ever more complex we’ve decided to lighten it up (no scary environmental issues or corpse art here) with masked balls, mysteries and hiding throughout the magazine lots of tricks and visual plays aimed to bring out our collective curious kid.
What else lurks behind our sleek surface? Well, it seems that in the first meetings for each issue we think our theme sucks (we always find it brilliant and profound once the process begins). And again, we painfully reconsider ditching our thematic opposites and stress over the oft-opposing demands of the worlds of art, fashion and commerce. Truth is, we’re all schizophrenic. And what we present is pretty damned complex and contradictory as well. So, like the big kids we are, we’re sticking to our guns, psychotically soldiering on in the quest (oops, that’s another magazine) to bring you more of what’s meaningful beyond our offices in the city known for its split personality.

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