BDM Complete Guide to Digital Photography - N27 - 2018

Delve Deeper
This guide has been compiled with photographers in mind who want to learn more, do more and take better photos than ever before. Within these pages are many tips and guides on equipment, essential core concepts, techniques and becoming a more creative, more rounded photographer. You can hone your abilities and then go have some fun on larger and more creative projects.

Fresh Insights
By providing concise and detailed explanations of the main technical aspects of photography, you can flourish as a photographer and become more confident and creative. All the main areas are covered including use of aperture, metering, shutter speed and flash lighting. We also delve into some of the more advanced ideas behind hyperfocal distance and the inverse-square law.

Get Inspired
When you’re ready, we have a collection of projects that we hope will fire up your creativity and get you excited about trying new things and exploring new photographic techniques. From aqueous motion photography to event coverage and even the power of silhouettes, it’s all here. Take a fresh look at your photography. Get inspired, grab a camera and get out there and shoot.

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