Contributor Magazine - 6

Issue 6, All hail the queens, out now

“When Twitter first started, I was mad at someone and I said something on Twitter and got in trouble for it. And then I kept doing it. I think we all agree I am not made for social media. I even get jittery when I go on the Internet and I never Google myself. Talk about driving yourself crazy.” /Courtney Love

For this issue, we also decided to take a closer look at designer Ann-Sofie Back without letting her know anything about our plans. We contacted her closest friends, colleagues and collaborators, and had paparazzi photographers follow her every move around Stockholm.

We decided it’s worth showing all her collections in one issue because the memory of the fashion world is like that of a guppy. Fashion just keeps happening, so many designers recycle themselves and recycle other designers. Given all that, it’s interesting to pause and delve deep into one designer. In this case someone that addresses the quotidian in a way that we can all relate to, and who has chosen to be true to her viewpoint all the way. Ann-Sofie has always emphasized the social side of fashion, and addressed how we constantly fail to live up to the ideal version of ourselves, be it through clothes or other forms of expressions. And why should that failure be so bad? Ann-Sofie has the ability to relativize beauty and to reverse the order by making the unappealing beautiful.

In the magazine; Courtney Love, Ann-Sofie Back, Walter van Beirendonck. Text and photography by, amongst others, Hallie Elizabeth Newton, Fransesca Granata, Julie Cirelli, Maria Ben Saad, Anders Edstrom, Ola Bergengren and Magnus Magnusson.

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