Contributor Magazine - N17 - 2019

Introducing our 10th Anniversary Issue

What makes a great fashion picture? For over ten years, we have asked ourselves that question and invited thousands of contributors to explore fashion through art and photography. From the start, Editor-in-Chief, Robert Rydberg wanted Contributor to be an extension of the atelier work that is essential to all fashion image-making. From his yearslong experience as an influential stylist in Scandinavia, he knew that creativity in fashion is all about starting conversations and team work. Contributor started as a celebration to the creative process and to all the people who work together in communicating fashion visually.

“I think my work is a strange mixture of reality and dreams. I love to make pieces that are genuine and can be worn in many different ways,” says Dries Van Noten in an exclusive interview by Philippe Pourhashemi. Standing for elegance, charm and singularity, the collections of the celebrated Antwerp-based designer are soulful, moving and personal, but the most interesting part is how he has managed to keep his own mystery intact. In this issue of Contributor, Van Noten discusses his intricate creative process, fashion in the Instagram age and why age and experience don’t necessarily make things better.

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