Visegrad Insight - 2 (4) 2013

The Future of Solidarity:
The Welfare State, Development Aid, and the Political Union of Europe

After the Welfare State, the fourth issue of Visegrad Insight, discusses how we will take care of each other in the future. We present a policy memo by Martin Ehl on the future reforms of the welfare state and an experts’ debate on development aid funded by V4 countries, which rose to almost USD 1 billion last year. We also discuss references to a political union in public speeches by leaders of the EU, and the political significance of the principle of solidarity.

Moreover, Adam Michnik (Editor-in-chief of leading Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza) and Karel Schwarzenberg (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic) talk about Ukraine from a Central European perspective, and Michael Sandel (renowned professor of philosophy at Harvard) discusses the need for solidarity in liberal democracy.

Read the best analysis, opinion, and essays selected by accomplished editors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. Visegrad Insight aims to provide a platform for high profile debate on cooperation among Central European governments, businesses, and communities, and the challenges they face.


Zoltán Cséfalvay (State Minister for Strategic Affairs, Ministry of National Economy, HU), Agnieszka Jucewicz-Kwaśniewska (Editor-in-chief of the Gazeta Wyborcza’s women’s weekly Wysokie Obcasy, PL), Jakub Klepal (Executive Director of the Forum 2000 Foundation, CZ) and Ivan Mikloš (Former Minister of Finance, SK) predict how we will take care of our elderly and ourselves when the welfare state fails.

Policy recommendations on the welfare state crisis and “baby doom” from Martin Ehl and Olga Urbańska

Interviews on Ukraine and Central Europe with Adam Michnik and Karel Schwarzenberg

Michael Sandel’s essay on solidarity.

Rivers of Empathy. The impact of floods on policy and politics, by Matteo Tacconi

Abracadabra of democracy promotion through development aid, by Maciej Kuziemski, and an experts’ debate: Ibolya Bárány (HU), Igor Blaževič (CZ), Tomicah Tilleman (USA), Marcin Wojciechowski (PL), Karla Wursterová (SK).

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