Odda Magazine - #15

ODDA 15, LOOKING FORWARD - Some people believe the past is the past and one should never look back, but that is not a universal truth. The past provides oneself with tools or even sends small messages of what to do or not in order to look forward.

What History has taught us over the years, and specifically in the fashion industry, is to observe and never take things for granted. Instead, it is exploring, fighting and reaching elsewhere that really generates an emotion in one's soul.

A new wave of creatives fully approach what is next without forgetting history and maintain respect for our predecessors.

As for the magazine, ODDA 15 represents a step forward closely connected to our own key codes. A crucial part of our short editorial plight. This issue is the one aiming to push for personality and people connected with passions, to those who are eager and looking at the next chapter in their lives and careers.

For this reason, this issue speaks to dreams, projects, rights, and tackles the daily lives of each individual portrayed by photographers, creatives and talents. This issue makes ODDA feel a part of their universe and creative aura.

For the very first time since ODDA launched, back in 2012, ODDA has featured a single protagonist on all three covers. The iconic actress, soul and forever young Sigourney Weaver.

To us, Weaver is the best example of what LOOKING FORWARD means.

Mrs. Weaver represents many of the ODDA codes with an untouchable career that has been alive for decades. In this time, she has transported millions of cinematic fans into other worlds. A different sense between what is real and what is not, but always keeps the door open to the motto, ‘nothing is impossible!’

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