Odda Magazine - N7 - 2019

The Fall/Winter 2019-20 issue of ODDA explores the all-sweeping, expansive concept of ‘Connections’ and all this brings to life within us.

By way of the 17th issue, we share in its representation a selection of 6 covers composed of 6 subjects. In showing Pierce Brosnan with his two sons Paris and Dylan, along with Sasha Luss, Austin Butler, and Sean Koons, we celebrate a devotion to authenticity in practice and ability to act upon one’s belief in order to provoke constructive change within our societies and ever-forming cross-cultural reality. These symbolize for us a strong connection to one’s self, a cultivation of voice, and the positive impact that can be created by way of.

In the continuity of our connections, from those of an interpersonal nature we share to those we may hold sacredly private that nurture us in growth, our present day is defined. A connection may be many things and reliably formless, yet it is acceptable to imagine that one of the most profound connections one may aspire to is the participation in a global and unified message and enforcement of respect for all people.

In speaking on this and within the 17th issue we share individuals such as Elizabeth Von Guttman and Sara Sozzani Maino as part of a series speaking on the future of fashion and its relation to the consumer. We share Heron Preston, Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada and Marine Serre, frontline voices in moving toward an environmentally-sustainable future, the burgeoning legacies of Dries Van Noten and Jonathan Anderson, the legendary work of Betye Saar, the performance artists that are Dita Von Teese and Iggy Azalea, amongst many others we care for and applaud.

We understand these as trailblazers of our time, those we honor tradition and move into new spaces of thought with- liberating our neighbors by example and ourselves at all times.

ODDA 17 counts more than 440 original photographs in which we seek and receive connection by, alongside 61 interviews that comprise a total of 71 subjects, and a collectible series in the shape of 3 mini-books produced in and aptly titled Icelandwhich is in collaboration with Gucci.

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