BDM Manual Series - N15 - 2018

Our hardware guide helps you choose which Mac is best for you and we show you how to set it up and take it onto the Internet; we also explain how to get the most from its bundled apps. Then we bring you guides to the Mac’s advanced features and what to do if something goes wrong. It’s all in The Complete Mac Manual!

• Which Mac Should You Buy • Set Up Out of the Box • How to Update macOS • Taking Your Mac Online • Using the Desktop and Menus • Get More from the Dock • The Notification Center • Send and Receive Emails • Safari and the Web • Buying and Reading eBooks • Video Calls with FaceTime

• Get More from Maps • App and iTunes Stores • The iCloud Service • Auto Save Explained • Using Browser Extensions • Full Screen Mode • Split View Screens • Macs and iPhones • Home and Family Sharing • Using a Mac for the Impaired • Windows and Linux on Your Mac

• Add a Second Screen • Adding Joypads and Controllers • Extending Your Battery Life • Speed Up Your Mac • Get More from Siri • Glossary of Mac and Computing Terms
• The MacBook Pro Touch Bar • Time Machine Back-ups • Taking Care of Your Mac • Using Keyboard Shortcuts

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