BDM Creative Special Series - N10 - 2016

In this issue:

-For All Recent iPhones: As long as your iPhone is new enough to run iOS 10, iPhone for Seniors has it all covered. Our in-depth tutorials and plain English guides give you the inside story on your iPhone, whichever model you use.

-First-Time Set Up Explained: If you’re completely new to the iPhone, we show you how to set it up and get it onto the Internet, straight out of the box. Our tutorials help you along whether you bought a new iPhone or are starting again with a second hand one.

-Keep Your Data Secure: If you’re worried about identity theft, hacking or the like, we show you how to secure your iPhone with a passcode or fingerprint ID check. We show you how to trace it if it’s lost or stolen too, giving you peace of mind.

-For Work and Play: The iPhone has a great collection of apps, whether you use it for productivity, entertainment or both. We show you how to use ‘work’ apps such as Calendar, Notes and Contacts, and ‘play’ apps like Music, Videos and iBooks.

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