BDM Creative Special Series - N11 - 2017

In this issue:

-Ideal for Entertainment: We show you how to enjoy your favourite songs with the Music app, watch movies and TV shows using the Videos app and read ebooks on your iPhone with the iBooks ebook reader. Look out for the Podcasts app too.

-Fine for Photography: The iPhone is a very capable digital camera and it’s always in your pocket. We show you how to take snaps and make videos with the Camera app and manage and edit your photography using the all- important Photos app.

-Perfect for Productivity: Our guide to the Calendar app helps keep your schedules in order and the Contacts app keeps all your contacts’ information handy. We also show you how to use Reminders, Maps, Notes and more.

-Ideal for the Internet: We show you how to get your iPhone onto the Internet using your own Wi-Fi network or the iPhone’s built-in 3G or 4G data connection, how to set up your email accounts, how to surf the net and more.

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