BDM Creative Special Series - N12 - 2017

In this issue:

-For Work and Play
Your iPhone is great for both productivity and fun. We show you how to use life organising apps such as Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Notes, Clock and Maps and also entertainment apps like Music, iBooks, Podcasts and Videos.

-Ideal for the Internet
We show you how to get the most from the iPhone’s Internet features. Set up and use your email accounts in Mail, surf the Internet with Safari, buy and download apps and media in iTunes and the App Store, and more.

-Take Photos Like a Pro
You probably already take photos with your iPhone, but are you using the Camera and Photos apps to their fullest potential? We show you how to take things further with our in-depth guides to taking and editing photos.

-Learn How to Use iOS 11
What is iOS 11, and what can it do for you and for your Apple smartphone? We take you through the most important features of the iPhone’s latest operating system and show you how it all works.

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