JÓN - N25 - 2019

Sliding gracefully into a global warming inspired Fall is the new JON issue 25. Get excited, trees had to die so you could enjoy this gorgeous new issue of JON. Don’t let them die in vain, get your copy now!

In honour of ECO, JON has gone slim this season. This might be the most model-esque, thin and gorgeous JON you’ve ever seen - its a collectors item. Punching in at 160 pages of fantastic content (that you can’t get online, peeps), we’ve got fashion stories from around the globe and of course a cover interview with the wonderful Dylan McDermott, from American Horror Story and The Politican!

JON has never looked more green, metaphorically speaking that is. Still in his traditional B&W, he’s 160 pages of ECO friendly fun.

JON has been selling out across back issues and is truly a collectors item now, in our increasing age of digital. Enjoy a beatiful magazine on your coffee table, buy the new JON to lord over your friends, tote around to class or work, or just hold in your hands on public transport to show everyone how much taste you have. The time is now, before global warming induced crisis!

JÓN Issue 25 is overflowing with awesome content from around the world. Grab your copy to see epic shoots by brilliant photographers and stylists from the UK, USA, Europe and beyond. Check out our stories by JÓN editors Leigh Keily and Stephen Conway and the worldwide team of contributors including Henry Wu, B. Charles Johnson, Bryan Sansivero, Bernard Gueit, Brent Chua, JJ Geiger, Patrick Lacsina, and Esa Kapila.

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