BDM's Desktop Series - N19 - 2017

In this issue:

-Learn Windows 10: Give yourself a firm foundation to start from by learning how to make the most of the core features that make Windows 10 the powerful and useable operating system it is. Get comfortable using the new features, including those introduced in the Anniversary update and everything else you do becomes easier.

-Essential Tips and Tricks: Just about every page of The Windows 10 Guidebook contains useful tips and helpful hints. These include ways to stay safe on the Internet, how to use hotkey, share a photo with friends and customise your Start menu. If you have never used Windows for anything more than browsing online, there is plenty to discover.

-Do More With Windows 10: Windows has never been more powerful, more useful or more usable. So why not take advantage of all it can offer? Learn how to improve security and boost performance, discover how to manage files and folders using the File Explorer and see how to get more from the best Microsoft OS released for years.

-Windows 10 Advanced Guides: Learn how to master the tricks that make Windows 10 so powerful. From removing bloatware and customising the Start screen, to learning how to troubleshoot a problem and boot into safe mode. There is something here for every user, whether you are just getting started or have been using the operating system for months.

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