BDM's Desktop Series - N21 - 2017

In this issue:

-First Time User Guides
Discover the key features of Windows 10 as our guides take you though the steps needed to get up and running on your PC or laptop. From initial set up and creating your Microsoft account, to using the Start menu and exploring the taskbar, there are guides here to suit your skill level.

-Discover the Creators Update
Windows 10 brings so many useful, innovative and time saving features to your PC, it would be a shame not to take full advantage of them all. Windows 10 for Seniors is your complete guide to getting the most from the new Microsoft operating system, including the very latest additions in the Fall Creators update.

-In-depth Software Tutorials
Get to grips with all of the main Windows elements, including browsing the web, sending emails and finding and installing apps, with our step-by-step tutorials. Then, once you are feeling more confident, delve into the Windows 10 privacy settings, task manager, folder and file manipulation, online safety and more.

-Windows 10 Tips and Tricks
Using Windows successfully is all about knowing the little tips and tricks which make seemingly difficult tasks easier. With every page filled to bursting with great advice and invaluable time saving shortcuts, Windows 10 for Seniors is the ultimate tool to set you on your way to being a Windows expert.

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