BDM's Desktop Series - N23 - 2018

It’s been nearly thirty three years since the very first version of Microsoft Windows was released to the public. Back then Windows 1.0 was a very different operating system but its essence has remained the same since: to create an easy to use OS for every user to experience.

Naturally there have been ups and downs throughout its history but Windows has remained the most used desktop operating system for quite some time. Now though, we have Windows 10. This new version brings a wealth of features essential for the modern user, as well as some significant tweaks and updates.

Getting Started
Getting started with an operating system can be a complicated affair. Within these pages you can discover how to set up parental controls, effectively use the Start menu, learn how to multitask and explore some of the newest additions from the April 2018 Update.

Personalising Windows
Learn how to change the way Windows 10 looks and feels, to suit your needs better and the way you work. This personalisation of the desktop is what makes your Windows 10 unique when compared to another OS.

Security and Privacy
Windows 10 is reasonably well guarded against common threats but with our help you can greatly improve your protection against Internet-borne malware and viruses. With detailed explanations and step-by-step tutorials, your security and privacy is kept safe and sound.

Windows 10 Maintenance
Windows 10 works great out of the box for a few months but the more you use it the more it will inevitably start to slow down. Being able to maintain your Windows 10 computer and keep it in tiptop shape will keep things running smoothly for some time.

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