Collectible Dry - N7 - 2018

Escaping doesn’t always mean going away, forge ing. It can be a search for a new dimension. It can be a beginning, or experimenting a di erent self. It can mean breaking free of a cocoon to nally become that which you’ve always been. Forget or forge everything? is is the essence of escape.

Sometimes we wake with a desire to be someone else, di erent and elsewhere. We desire a new hypothesis for the future. In this issue, you’ll explore extraordinary stories by people who have turned escapes into strength and transformation. Vlatka Horvat cuts out references to the in nite that dissolve barriers and erase memories; John Waters renders void the con nes between tradition and destruction of tradition; Kensuke Koike overturns perceptions of the past… en there’s Simon Denny, a fan artist who has created a ag for the state of Liberland, born through the use of blockchain technologies and bitcoins. Indian photographer Sujatro Ghosh uses provocative shots to denounce the female condition in his country, where women are worth less than cows. Can the same be said of other cultures too? Recognition of women’s rights and their role in contemporary society, especially in places we think of as “evolved,” remains ambiguous and surprisingly critical. Already midway through the past century, major female artists denounced subordinate conditions and commodi cation of the female body, including all the problems connected with recognizing one’s own identity. Adrian Piper, a famous feminist artist who abandoned the US for Berlin, shares her archive with us. e great Carolee Schneemann, who won the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 2017 Venice Biennale, gives an extraordinary interview detailing her militant artwork, which has always put the female body front and center in order to free it from rhetorical and patriarchal conditioning. Niki de Saint Phalle is drawn between the savage side of her female character and her bourgeois family upbringing.

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