BDM's PC Knowledge Series - N21 - 2018

Having a computer in your home means more than being able to watch a video or browse the Internet. With a Windows 10 laptop or desktop in front of you, your world gets bigger. From sending emails and chatting on Skype to playing games online and writing a letter, the ways that a PC can improve your life are many and varied. This guide aims to help anyone new to Windows 10, whether you have just bought your first PC or have upgraded from an older version of Windows.

Step-by-step Tutorials
Our step-by-step guides and tutorials make getting the most from your computer easy, and there is something new to learn on every page. Discover how to make the most of the key features of Windows 10, with guides designed to easily take you though the steps needed to get up and running on your PC or laptop.

Discover What’s New
Windows 10 brings so many useful, innovative and time-saving features to your laptop or desktop computer, it would be a shame not to take full advantage of them all. The Windows 10 Seniors Manual is your complete guide to getting the most from the newest version of the Microsoft operating system.

Do More with Windows
This isn’t just a first time setup guide but rather the only guide you need to get more from Windows 10 every day and in every way. From learning how to make use of the built-in apps or the time-saving features, to storing files in the cloud and managing your photo collection, every page has something new to learn.

Windows 10 Security and Privacy
Some of the most important elements of Windows 10, and something everyone who uses a computer online should know more about, are the security and privacy features. From Windows sign-in options to Windows Defender and the new privacy dashboard, this stuff is important. Keep your PC safe and secure with our guides.

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