RAMP - N48 - 2019

When things get confusing and complex, we usually only want one thing: to do something. No matter what. The main thing is that something happens. Behavioral scientists call this "action bias". Cognitive bias with built-in, systematic misjudgments. This phenomenon seems to feel really comfortable today. That's why we simply did the opposite: pause, keep calm, endure silence and stop without stopping - after all, a few cars wonderfully accelerated our personal deceleration. The Ferrari F8 Tributo, for example. A Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. Or the McLaren 570S GT4.

Michael Mauer and the Taycan
It is a different interview: In the passenger seat, we accompany Porsche chief designer Michael Mauer on his first trip with the Porsche Taycan on his home route in the Black Forest. The iPhone recorded what Mauer had to say. How good that the electric sports car is so quiet.

With McLaren Senna at Terry Fullerton
Ayrton Senna spoke of Terry Fullerton with great respect. A racing driver who was as fast as the three-time world champion. And who at some point avoided the risk. We visited the British. With the vehicle that best fits in with this male friendship: the McLaren Senna.

Arne Dahl writes, the Volvo PV544 detects
silence is the perfect prerequisite for writing. That says Arne Dahl, the Swedish crime novelist. He reveals a recipe for success: because everyone believes that everyone in Scandinavia is nice to each other, a crime is all the more exciting. We identified the vehicle for our own Swedish crime thriller: a Volvo PV544.

The Porsche Speedster visits the blue lady
Our lengthy search for a place to rest and linger ended in a parking garage. The right companion was a new Porsche Speedster. And we came across the blue lady. And not just on it. Admittedly, you couldn't miss the 911 on this date.

Ducati on a designer tour
Two men, two motorcycles, one passion: design. How nice that Andrea Ferraresi and Mitja Borkert, the chief designers of Ducati and Lamborghini, are not only friends, but also go on tour together.

Portrait: Andreas Henke from Burmester
Andreas Henke surrounds himself with the best sounds. That was the case at Porsche and is (almost) even more perfect at Burmester. As the managing director of the leading manufacturer of audio systems, he describes himself as someone who couldn't do anything for which he is not 100% passionate.

Wladimir Kaminer discovers the vegan Hyundai
Hyundai Kona and Hyundai Nexo are antipoles to the noisy Berlin. Our author Wladimir Kaminer has given his thoughts to these cars: "Compared to vehicles from back then, our Hyundais seem almost vegan, courteous and people-friendly." Pssst.

No longer among us, but unforgettable.
There are lines that make you think. And sad too. How big can the victims of passion be? Many racers paid for their efforts with their lives. Our author Kurt Molzer talked to relatives and visited graves of racing drivers Jochen Rindt, Jo Gartner, Stefan Bellof, Rolf Stommelen and Roland Ratzenberger.

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