Your magazine brand has the potential to generate additional risk-free revenue

If your home market is mature, flat or in decline you will be looking for ways in which to grow your revenue.

Your Magazine is probably mature in terms of its development and has a reasonably settled circulation in its home market. Most magazines need to develop new revenue streams and international opportunities will undoubtedly exist.

Pineapple Media will help you to investigate and follow up enquiries and arrange licensing deals for your magazine brand. We will help you to obtain the best deal and ensure that your agreements protect your interests.

Now is the time to consider licensing
If your magazine is already a success it may be possible to replicate this in international markets and the revenue you will receive for your content is virtually risk-free.

Imagine having a family of sister publications, in different languages around the world and the positive effect this could have on your brand and potential for international advertising revenue

By appointing Pineapple Media to assist you with your negotiations there is no need for you to recruit in-house personnel and add potentially costly overheads to your organisation.

LICENSORS – Do you have a magazine to license?
Licensing provides a profitable and convenient way to extend your brand with local editions in new international markets, with the minimum of risk. Leverage your content and potentially earning additional advertising revenue.

Do you believe that your magazines subject matter is likely to resonate with and be interesting to, readers in other territories ?Do you own Intellectual Property rights to your editorial and pictorial content ?

Will the ‘Brand Value’ of your magazine enhance its potential within overseas markets ?
If the answer to the above is Yes then contact Pineapple Media - the magazine practice - today.

LICENSEES – Are you looking for new sectors to launch into or brands to license?
Now is the time to contact Pineapple Media and let us know what sectors or brands you are interested in........ using our extensive net work of international contacts we can help you find the right product.

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