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The photography, art and visual culture journal Photoworks Annual is informed, distinctive and influential. Showcasing emerging photographers
alongside established names and pairing new writing with opinion from a wide range of contributors, every issue champions fresh perspectives and new thinking on photography. With a commitment to the highest production values, every autumn Photoworks Annual rewards its discerning readership with
exclusive folios (including previously unpublished new talents), engaging
essays, insightful articles and interviews with the people who are changing the way we use and view the most democratic medium of our age.
In 2013, following a decade of publishing biannually, Photoworks Annual, wWith a new bumper format of over 250 pages and fresh design, each issue draws content around a common theme, ensuring lasting relevance and extending our reach beyond the conventional.
Since Electrify Mag’s inception in 2011, this stunning travel and culture publication has captured the creative pursuits of today’s global generation. Based in New York and created with a global team of writers, photographers, stylists and contributors, Electrify Mag has established itself at the forefront of new media.
 ZEKE is more than a photography magazine. We collaborate with journalists who explore these issues in depth­—not only because it is important to see the details, but also to know the political and cultural background of global issues that require our attention and action.

There is nothing like the experience of seeing documentary images large and beautifully printed in a high quality magazine that you can hold in your hands and appreciate for years to come.
Honore is a celebration of art, fashion and culture drawn from across the generations, HONORE brings together a bold and exciting point of view, with respect,integrity and HONORE at its core.

HONORE  targets female movers and shakers of the present and future—truly connected individuals with curious minds and a modern perspective on fashion and lifestyle trends. Strong, intelligent and unafraid of making a statement, plugged into the scene yet marching to their own beat, they are core fashion consumers who influence worldwide trends.
Our yearly round-up of the most beautiful bathrooms.
Gagosian Quarterly offers unprecedented behind-the-art access and insightful editorial by leading art world professionals, including studio visits, artist profiles, collaborations, visionary exhibitions from influential curators, archival gems, historical revelations, and much more.

This launch issue features a cover by Rudolf Stingel, articles on Pablo Picasso, Jeff Koons, Cy Twombly, Taryn Simon, and conversations with Katy Siegel and Christopher Wool, Nicolas Berggruen, Katharina Grosse, Thomas Houseago, Alex Israel and Bret Easton Ellis, among others.