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NOBLEMAN is a premier American men’s ultra-luxury magazine uniquely crafted for the modern gentleman. Distributed nationally, but with a decidedly Southern California flair, it focuses on the people, places, and events that define the creative style on the West Coast and beyond. NOBLEMAN is the professional authority in getting the most out of life.

Founded in 2016 by leading publishing entrepreneurs, Doug & Lydia McLaughlin, and headquartered in Newport Beach, California, NOBLEMAN is the arbiter of taste in design, fashion, arts, travel and hospitality, fine dining, real estate, automotive, and technology.

With an unparalleled commitment to design, photographic and editorial excellence, NOBLEMAN is more coffee table book than magazine and defines what luxury is all about.

NOBLEMAN magazine and its digital platform are for the discerning and sophisticated man. Our content presents compelling local, national, and international stories, features, and interviews, including:

– The best of men’s style
– Luxury automotive, yacht, private jet trends and reviews
– Luxury watch and accessories
– Compelling interviews with trendsetters and industry leaders
– Reports of the newest gadgets and tech toys
– Luxury real estate and home design
– Elite travel
– Local arts, entertainment, and nightlife
– The latest in health & fitness
– The art of generosity
Icarus Complex is a biannual magazine. What are the challenges and what are the potential weapons of action from an economic, political, legal and grassroots perspective? We take an in-depth look at the issues surrounding climate change. The aim of the magazine is to dissect humanity’s Icarus complex, this idea that we have jumped off a cliff, mid-flight and confident in our own momentum, but in denial about the impending crash if we do not change course.
n Her Studio takes readers on a tour through the creative spaces and lives of female artists, designers, and makers. These women share the places where they create and tell the stories behind developing their spaces, from the traditional to the unusual, the intimate to the extraordinary. Within these pages you'll discover studios in every style and size, ideas and insights from an array of artists, helpful advice for your own creative practice, exercises to jump-start your creativity, and so much more.
A magazine dedicated to fashion model photography.
With the intention to establish an exchange between celebrity, lifestyle, culture, fashion and arts facets in the UK, China and Asia, UNBLOCK MAGAZINE is a global media platform & Printed Publicaion, providing information of a nature that will transcend your ordinary magazine.
Featuring those fresh on the scene and the timeless talents, we interview established celebrities and individuals just reaching the cusp of fame, providing an intimate insight into the lives of the famous, as well as discovering and showcasing personalities before they become household names.
Proposing the places to visit, we provide reviews on the the hottest events that hit London, and the restaurants with the best delicacies to indulge in, enlightening our audience with refreshing ideas, and encouraging them to try new things.
Reviewing the most recent exhibitions, we discuss the highly thought provoking, boundary breaking displays of art that are bound to alter perspectives and evoke deep contemplation.
Keeping an eye on the latest photoshoots and fashion trends that may find themselves in your wardrobe anytime soon, we form an overview of the creations that grace the catwalk, giving our audience the opportunity to observe foretold styles before they hit the stores. 
Featuring online and in print, UNBLOCK MAGAZINE distributes articles on the regular, obtaining the information first and broadening the horizons with regards to perceptions of the arts, lifestyle, fashion and culture.
Sumptuous sewing magazine packed with beautiful designs and patterns. Content varies from issue to issue. Each issue has clear written explanations with videos tutorials  on youtube.