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Published twice a year, IL LIBRO explores Italian art in all its guises from the classical period through to the present day with an emphasis on the forgotten and unknown.
LEMON Is A Magazine For The Modern Parent - Refreshing, Aspirational And Inclusive. It Speaks To Mothers Who Appreciate The Ever Wavering Balance But With The Juggle Comes Inspiration. These Empowering Women Are Aware They Are Raising The Future And That Their Actions And Opinions Can Make A Difference. They Are Mothers Who Are Running The Boardroom But Also Make It Back For Bath Time Because They Know It’s Little Moments Like These That Won’t Last Forever. LEMON Is The Intelligent Glossy Magazine For Today’s Modern Mother.
Herdes is an avant-garde publication that offers a different point of view on the travel and fashion scene. Present in 23 countries Worldwide, Herdes has positioned itself as an alternative and inspirational travel collection tailored to a very attractive and difficult-to-achieve readers such as creative opinion leaders sensitive to aesthetics, who are at the forefront of the most cutting-edge destinations, fashion trends and pursuing an exclusive lifestyle. Herdes is a beautiful publication carefully designed with a luxury finish, in which we show architecture, design, fashion and gastronomy from all over the world.
The FLUX Review was born out of a love for the visually impactful, a love of art, a love of world exploration and culture. The FLUX Review is an amalgamation of talent, travel and creativity. It is a magazine that aims to inspire and to be aesthetically striking, with strong imagery showcasing incredible talent and destinations. The FLUX Review exists to provide beautiful, bold and creative inspiration that is both accessible and aspirational.
Kerolyn by Cass Bird

Alexa Chung
Daniel Arnold
Lexie Smith
Costa Brazil
Sky High Farm
and more…
Music Legends features a great range of articles featuring new insights into the biggest names in the history of rock music. Sure, the music is powerful, but so too are the tales of the darker underside of fame and fortune; the booze, the fights, artistic differences, the drugs, the splits, the lawsuits, the politics and so much more. Each issue of Music Legends carries a quality covermounted CD featuring music and interviews with a different leading artist.