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KOEL Magazine celebrates yarn crafting for modern interiors. KOEL brings everything there’s to know about crochet, knitting, weaving, latch hooking, punch needling, needlework and macramé – new tools, hand dyed yarns, home decor trends, supplies and patterns. A timeless source of inspiration, KOEL has connected a global community of fiber artists. With a quarterly print magazine that is sold in hundreds of stores worldwide and a growing social media presence, KOEL has become a leading international craft publication.
ACTUAL SIZE has been created for creative, intelligent, culturally savvy, design-conscious women who, as citizens of the world, are interested in far more than the narrow parameters of most women’s magazines would have us believe. After all, all lives are interesting… We do things differently: We never comment negatively about a woman’s shape, size or appearance, her age, what she chooses to wear or her personal life choices. We showcase astonishing individuals, inspiring lives and careers, glorious locations, art, food, culture and creative ventures, and make it our mission to tell you all about it. We are design-led but down to earth, accessible but thought provoking, warm but inquisitive…
A bookazine, driven by culinary startup culture.

From West, to North, to East, to South, we are looking to Europe’s Harbours of Ideas. As Salt searches for the unique and alive, Wonder is hungry for discovery and innovation. It all stems from personal discovery in the field of culture, travel, food, design and entrepreneurship.

Our content focuses on ambitious startups with non-commercial backgrounds. Salt & Wonder explores the world of driven creatives and business owners in the food scene. It is a playground for us and friends around the globe, as well as an opportunity to live and experience culture and traveling in a deeper and more honest way.

Through showing narratives full of light and shadow, of highs and lows, we try to fulfill the cravings of the restless, the curious, the lovers of beauty and simplicity. 

Salt & Wonder
Here’s the deal. Spectacle is the bridge between the worlds you love and the life you live. It’s for people with imaginations so vast, entire universes can fit inside them. We did our best to do this right. Great writers paired with great illustrators and packaged in a product worth collecting. This isn’t just literature. It's a lifestyle.
Annual reports covering all aspects of Formula 1 from 2006 to the present day.
Keep up with the latest red carpet trends with Luxure Red Carpet.