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Please note that this special is bilingual (English and Dutch).
Drawing isn’t really as difficult as it may seem. It gets much easier if you let go of the desire to have a perfect result. To help you on your way, we’ve made this Flow Big Book of Drawing and filled it with tutorials and drawing lessons because the best way to learn to draw is by copying and seeing what others do.
Cities magazine is dedicated to urban culture, different aspects of the development of Polish towns and cities (focusing on urban policy and management, urban planning, architecture design and art in public spaces). The title is directed to communities dealing with urban development, who want to broaden their knowledge and perspectives on their work environment - from locals and artists to urban planners, architects and activists. It is distributed among employees of local governments and municipal offices.

Cities magazine is co-created by specialists in various fields, examining urban issues and solutions with the Polish and abroad. It discusses key issues concerning the phenomena and problems faced by urban areas. The patrons are the Union of Polish Metropolises, Association of Polish Cities and the Association of Polish Architects. We also work in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Polish Association of Town Planners and Urban Movements Congress.
OBJEKT©International is the authoritative and bespoke title for the upscale urban modernist with a passion for interiors, art & antiques, modern design and outstanding architecture. The magazine was first published in Dutch in 1991. The English edition was released in 1999, OBJEKT©Asia | China followed in 2015 and in 2016 OBJEKT©USA | Canada joined the team, each publishing their own edition.

The 25 year old magazine continues to surprise with its global adventurism in a world of creativity, never compromising on the exceptional quality of the publication. In its pages a unique fusion of classic and modern styles is complemented by the inimitable images from the internationally renowned photographer cum art director Hans Fonk. Additional imagery is supplied by other well known international photographers contracted through OBJEKT©International. Together with the OBJEKT©International team they are the driving force of the magazine.

Thanks to the general concept, often unexpected topics, choice of designers, professionally organised distribution around the world and quality of the photos, OBJEKT©International has gained the highest authority in its field. The magazine is an international publication and is distributed to over 80 countries worldwide. Our main readers are architects, interior designers and trend watchers, as well as many high-end consumers.
Blanc is a creative platform that presents a diverse and underrepresented perspective of the fashion, art and music world. We are a biannual print magazine showcasing a variety of talent both established and undiscovered from various countries across the world.
VIRTUOGENIX is a bi-annual luxurious large-format magazine where fashion meets fine art, and where technical skills, originality, and inventiveness come first. It’s filled with images that are beautiful but offbeat, colorful but with some hints of darkness, and set off with some surrealistic and unexpected elements. VIRTUOGENIX features the works of creatives who demonstrate originality, skills, and strong work ethic, and highlights the amount of work, talent, skill, and dedication involved in creating high quality images and videos.
99 Percent Lifestyle is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on creativity, looking in-depth at creatives, businesses and the people behind them.

The aim is to inspire and motivate you to live a more creative life by taking normal lifestyle topics and focusing on the creative side of them. Whether that be inspiring you to create your own travel adventure, start your own business or inspire you to become a photographer, filmmaker, artist, cook or writer, each and every piece of content we write aims at helping you become more creative and live life to the full.